How to Persuade Recruiters and Land Your Dream Job

How to woo recruiters. Stop scratching your head and let me explain.

Do homework before interview
Take time to learn about the company that we work for.
It’s a great help when someone reaches out to me regarding a specific position rather than stating ‘please take a look at my resume and let me know if I am a fit for any position in your company.

Updating your online profiles/e-résumé 
Though the idea of allowing artificial intelligence to play a role in the hiring process may be intimidating to job seekers, it is essential to remember that this same technology is also used by companies that are actively trying to recruit new employees.

Emphasize your compatibility
1. Really read the job description carefully

2. Learn about the company first, what inspired you to apply, and definitely know the company’s business and how you can help your recruiters.

3. Be passionate about the opportunity and make an effort to show you are a right candidate.

Share your story/history
Many recruiters get countless connection requests everyday. Send a personal message and make yourself more than just another avatar, then tell recruiters your specially story.

Be confident
You MUST prove that there is a reason recruiters should hire you, not others.