Tips to Help You Get New Clients Through Cold Calling

Define a Successful Outcome
It’s unlikely that you will win enough trust to close a sale in a five-minute phone call. The purpose of cold calling isn’t to make a sale. It’s to get a meeting or build a good relationship.

Don’t Attempt To Sell On Your First Cold Call
Focus on building the relationship and coming across as friendly, genial and non-threatening.

Call at the Right Time
If you’re targeting medical professionals, the best time to call is first thing in the morning or on weekends. after work, they’re not in the right frame of mind to receive your pitch.

Have a Script, and Sound Natural
A human wants to buy from another human.
State your name and the company you’re representing. Warm up the call by introducing your shared connection.
Don’t be that cold caller.

Be Dogged
When leaving a voicemail, mention when you will call back. And make sure that you follow through.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For More
Don’t be afraid to ask. “Ask” is the magic word for sales success.
Ask is also the magic word for better understand your clients.

Follow these cold calling tips to help maximize your sales, generate better leads and create long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Remember, success takes time. Don’t give up after one awkward conversation or ten “no” answers. Keep going.